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Having met and discussed with different people, we discovered that different people have different genetic wiring. Just as some of us don’t need someone to show us how to start, some of us need it for different reasons; for some it is for a sense of direction, some for a level of confidence, others a whole different reasons. For that reason, we’ve created this platform to help you ‘get more out of life.’
Here in www.storiesinspired.com we bring to you stories you can relate with yours to get more out of life, thought-provoking sayings, inspirational and motivational comments to help you see beyond limits and spur you into action; practical suggestions and many more.
We believe there is more to life than we know and perceive. We’re here to help you be a ‘better you’ and get more out of life. That is our GOAL!


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Hey there! I'm Stanley Solar. A lover of inspiration and motivation. Stanley is a content writer, proficient inspirational speaker, blogger, and currently a university undergraduate who is inspired to help people come out of ignorance and psychological restraints.