Financial Independence - Your Journey To Financial Freedom

In this article, I will be kicking off with a quote I love so much by Richie Norton;

“There is only one way to make money: sell something. You’re either selling your time or a product. The secret? Productize your time. That’s freedom.”

It is quite vital to note that in the world we live in today, almost everything seems so easy that we spend more time on frivolities than on essentials. Many of our youths that were privileged to be born into wealthy or affluent families tend to forget that there is a huge difference between “My money” and “Our money”. They are so into their parents’ wealth that they fail to do what their parents did to attain such a fortune, only a selected few does.

According to a research carried out by Thomas J. Stanley, author of “The Millionaire Next Door”, 80% of millionaires today are first generation millionaires. That is to say that 80% of millionaires did not inherit their wealth. This reminds me of what heard Bishop David Oyedepo say some time ago: “You may inherit a man’s wealth but not his worth.” Intriguing? Brood on it.
 How is this so? How were they able to achieve such a feat? In this article, you’ll be able to understand what it takes to be at the top, what is required of you to achieve financial freedom? Financial Independence.
Take the big first step to join the 80% in the nearest future by reading this article through. You won’t regret the time spent. Remember, “Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom and in all your getting, get understanding”.
As I always tell people, “managing money is a skill.” Managing money is not a talent, as it has been a misconception in our society today, it is a skill that you must learn if you must become financially independent and head towards financial freedom.
Don’t be sad, every skill in life is learnable, no matter how hard it may seem. It is for this reason that there exists the likes of skill share to help. I’ll be giving out some steps, in this article, to get you started on this journey and sustain you, as long as you keep to them.
You need just three requirements for this journey: A pen, a jotter and an action-ready heart. Now fasten your seat belts as we take off. But before we begin, what is financial independence?

Financial Independence is a state of being totally free from financial dependency. It is a state where a person has the ability to able to cater for himself (herself) without the help of a guardian, parents. You are able to feed, clothe and shelter yourself.

What do you want? Have a clear goal:
            Sometime ago, I heard a speaker say something and I quote “We pass or succeed in examination by answering questions correctly, but we succeed in life by asking the right questions.”
            How did the statement get to you? When I had this, I started asking myself questions instantly. The questions were quite very easy but very difficult to provide an answer to. I discovered that I didn’t know majorly two things: one, who I was; two, what I truly wanted in life. Some other things became clear to me, I didn’t know where I was heading in life or whom I wanted to be.

This shocking discovery made me realize that I was just what people thought I was. No definition of purpose. No understanding of what life outside parents’ security could look like. I was totally na├»ve with just my “Fantasy”. I had no idea what principles were, their relevance, their role in life. I was just a common student with the hope of graduating, getting a ‘job’, get married, and the cycle continues.
This young student had no idea that the competition out there was intensively high, and he needed to equip himself with some skills if he must stand a chance in the labour market. He didn’t know that certain principles rule any vocation that existed, including life itself has its principles guiding it.
Take out time now and jot down your questions for you. Give no time to procrastination. Sit down and provide the answers to those questions, sincerely without sentiments; be objective. When you get the answer to a question, you will know and your self-image will improve.
If you are out of ideas or feel too drained to think out some questions, here are some to kick-start with: who am I? What exactly do I want in life? Am I still financially dependent? Why is that? Can’t I be independent? What have I done about it? And what am I doing about it now? What will it feel like to gain financial freedom and easily take care of your needs without thinking of bankruptcy?
You have to be sure of your goals. You’ve got to know what you really want. Be sure of it. If you’re going to double your worth in a year’s time, be sure of it. Are you going to own another business in two-year time. You have to work with a clear goal, a doubt-free goal.
Have an issue setting goals? Here’s what I have learnt, and to be frank with you, it is not easy to follow through and virtually not impossible. The more you keep to it, the easier it becomes, until it becomes a part of you.
Pick a blank sheet of paper. On it, write down the ten goals you’d want to achieve in a year’s time. And every morning you wake up, read it word after word. Don’t assume you know everything on it. The goal being on paper displaces confusion when describing the goal. You can pick up a copy of Brian Tracy’s “Eat That Frog” and learn how to set and work with clear goals.

What Is The Cost? Pay It:
A quote says: “Can a man set out to build a tower and not first settle down to count the cost? Lest it shall be said that this man started but could not finish.”
In as much as we feel the need to act fast and take hold of opportunities, we have to count the cost. Would you set out to buy a furniture without first making an inquiry to ascertain how much it may cost?
Sit down and think on paper. Thinking on paper simply means writing down ideas that cross your mind while pondering on an issue, more like a brainstorming. You have to think on paper because some ideas, when not put into writing, will elude you when you’d want to recall them.
Since you’ve written down your goals, ask yourself “How do I get this done?”, “What are the things I need to achieve this feat?” Do you have any answer to those questions?  That is the aim of this section, you have to figure out what it will cost you to attain each goal. You must be intentional in your thinking if you must grow and achieve each set goal. “Who do I need to work with to get these done?” This and many more are the costs to achieve that goal, if answered truthfully, critically and correctly.
You may ask “then what’s next? What do I do with the costs?” Well, my answer is quite simple “You pay it!” You have to pay the price, it is a vital step to achieve financial independence. You are not finding the costs to brag of knowledge or to fulfil all righteousness. You are finding the costs to pay them.
See it in this light: you need car and you have made an inquiry to ascertain the price. Now you tell me, what would you do? Go around talking about the car and how much it costs? Did it solve the problem? You have to pay for the car.
So, don’t sit there dreaming about financial independence, find the cost and pay it. And for that to happen, you need a plan.

Make The Plan Now – Find A Pathway:
“When you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, they say.
On our journey, failure in the jurisdiction above is not acceptable. You have to understand that planning would save you a lot of resources (Time, money, energy, relationships), if only you agree to it. As I heard Brian Tracy say “For every minute put into planning, as much as ten minutes is saved in execution.” So for every ten minutes I spend to plan, I save as much as one hour forty minutes during execution. That means planning truly saves time.  What do I do?
It’s quite simple. You have already found out the required cost, all you need to do now, at this stage is to find and choose the best applicable approach to achieve your aim. Planning gives you a sense of direction.
Going with the car scenario stated earlier, what will you do to pay for the car after getting the cost? Will you enrol for a payment plan? Which of the payment plans is the best for you? Or will you pay up half of the total amount instantly and use a payment plan to pay up the rest?
Programme a plan for your goal today and follow it through, stick to it. It must be intentional.

Pay The Price – Discipline:
It is not enough to know the cost and make a plan, you have to stick to it. And it takes discipline to stick to a plan.
Someone defined discipline as “the ability to do what you should do when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.”
Discipline is the difference between a dreamer and an achiever. I do not mean that achievers don’t dream, because if they don’t, what could they be achieving?
An achiever don’t continue dreaming. He wakes up, bears the dream at heart, count the cost, make the plan, and finally disciplines himself to pay the price.
The importance of discipline cannot be overemphasized on the journey to financial freedom. It is very important that you discipline yourself now because plan would get you in position, it will get you started but only discipline would keep you going.
My question to you is “Who do you want to be? A dreamer or an Achiever?” the ball is in your court. You are whom you choose to be.

Get A Work – Rebel On Dependency:
All the steps given before now would be useless if you don’t have a source of income.
This is what I do, I put a placard on my door with an inscription “How much does your time cost?” I read it before I go out and when I come back. It creates a mind-set of how precious and costly my time is.

This journey is not a wish game. Don’t sit there waiting for your monthly or weekly allowance and wasting your precious time, while others are being paid heavily for it. There have to be something you can do to earn some cash. If you can read this article, you can earn.
If you’re still lost on what you can do to earn a living, here is a tip, sit down and answer these few questions:

i)                   If I am to work for someone, what qualification do I need?
ii)                 What qualification do I have?
iii)               If I am to work as a freelancer, what skills do I have to work with?
iv)               What can I do that someone can pay me for?
v)                 What if I want to market my own product? Do I have the required fund? How do I source out the fund if I don’t have it? What is my product? Do I have a ready market? What makes my product unique?
           Uniqueness is like a gem, it is rare and people would pay heavily to get it. You have something to offer the world, don’t deny the world that treasure. Make big plans, have big visions, but always start small. “For him that is faithful in little shall be faithful in much.” Starting small gives you room to grow. You can start by working in a coffee shop. Opening a freelancer portfolio for your skill. There are lots of freelancing platforms on the internet, but I’ll personally suggest fiverr [] to you.
            TAKE AN ACTION NOW!

Read Books – Never Stop Learning:
“There is a book for every problem.”
            Someone once said to me “when you stop reading, you start dying”. Initially, I was trying to relate ‘the death’ to a mortal death, but I later got to understand the death he was talking about was an intellectual death.
“70 percent(%) of the information and knowledge you acquire today has a validity of 2 years.”
          This is an observation I have made based on the rate of innovation this age is experiencing. You conduct your research, if you doubt this. But first of all, do tell me the span between finger-print recognition and eye pupil recognition technologies in android smartphone.
            Few years ago, social media marketing was a herculean task. The task of sharing, or copying and pasting of posts on various social platforms was very stressful and time-consuming. But today, thanks to the likes of buffer, hoofsuite etc. on clicking publish, your post is made available on various platforms at the same time.

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            For programmers, you would agree with me that different programming languages have their IDEs, and are updated yearly to improve efficiency, user experience and lots more.
            With the rapid evolution of technology today, one cannot but frequently update one’s knowledge on the recent innovations especially in one’s field. You need to read books, articles, journals and magazines to update your knowledge so as not to get rusty.
            Many people get laid out during recession, and you see many complaining about the company, the government, economy etc. They don’t take time out to ask themselves why the ones retained are retained. When you make yourself a person of value, no company would want to do away with you.
            How will you achieve this feat? Read a book! If you must be and remain financially independent, you must read a book. Add value to yourself daily. “When you work on your job – you earn a salary, but when you work on yourself – you earn a fortune.”
            If you must grow, you must read. Reading should not be seen as work, the way many students view it. Read to know, read to be informed, read to grow. Read books both related to your field and unrelated. Yes, unrelated. If you are into programming, you can read a little on psychology, temperament, it is not related to your field but you’ll need it.
            Go for seminars, attend workshops, listen to audio tapes and videos. Apply for personal development programmes, it will help you get better. And as my mentor would say, “Your success cannot grow above your personal development.” Your business cannot grow above your personal development.
            Subject yourself to continuous learning and I bet you, you would be reaching financial freedom before you know it.
            But I’ll be leaving with you a tip that you need on this journey, adopt a saving method. You can check out the Seven-Step Approach to Financial Freedom to get an idea of a saving method.

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