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           One day I took my student to a bus park. I told him to observe closely the happenings in the park. And he did. After about an hour of looking around the park, I asked him to tell me what he observed and he said thus: “there are different kinds of people in the park; some look rich, others look well-to-do. Some came to see off their families or friends, some came to board the bus, some are there to convince people to board a bus, some are there to help people with their luggage while others are there to sell things to the travellers.” I told him that he has made a nice observation. Then, I asked him if he understood what he just observed to which he answered negatively. So, I decided to help him out by telling him this “You just observed what life looks like.”

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He creased his face in confusion but I continued: “the categories of people you’ve just seen here are the category of people you meet and interact with every day of your life. The rich and well-to-do kind of people you saw tell you that though ‘all fingers are not equal’, it is not an excuse for you not to take the ‘journey to success ’. It is not who you are that matters but what you do. “Your PERSONALITY depends on your FUNCTIONALITY.” Some people enjoy escorting others to take their ‘journey’ but never to embark on any. Some despite all odds embark on the journey (that is where you should be). You will encounter many people who would advise you on the best way to achieve your aim but never achieve theirs. Many would love to help you make your journey less strenuous while staying behind to watch you. And the trickiest of all are those that will sell to you ideas and opportunities all in a bid to distract you from your journey until you miss your bus, though many of them have no intention to do so. This is the reason I brought you to this park.” Then he asked me a question “how do I apply this to my life to make progress?” I patted his back and told him “Prepare to embark on the journey, identify the like-minded ones to work with you, then identify the rest and be wary of them. Only then will you be able to achieve great things”.

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You might be in the same case with that student of mine; you know what’s happening around you but don’t understand them. You have a goal in mind and everything around you is trying to kill or suffocate that goal. You start up a project and you seem unable to complete it. No it’s not your inability, you might just be breaking one or both of these laws of growth: The Law of intentionality; which states that growth don’t just happen, and, The Law of Awareness; which states that you must know yourself to grow yourself. Take out some time and identify yourself. Believe me, you’ll be on track.
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